About me


Philip Schröder
Richardstr. 103
12043 Berlin

Who is that guy anyway?

My name is Philip Schröder, I graduated from the Freie Universität Berlin in 2014 with the German diploma with my major in computer science and minor in mathematics.

Throughout my studies I was over and over confronted with texts including phrases like "as follows directly", "as can easily be deduced" or "from this it becomes clear that" and the likes of those, and most of the time they were used to connect two seemingly unrelated formulas with sets of totally different variables, that the author himself didn't understand well enough to explain them simple.

As a consequence of those, I set one of my principles as that I wouldn't write texts, that I wouldn't want to read, and set my goal to make complicated mathematical problems easy for others to understand, never losing the connection to real world applications, which are for most of us more useful and therefore more interesting than pure math.