A Documentation on our Search for the Keeper

In the beginning the dwarves could only search very short distances so most of the apporaches seemed futile, since all dwarves started in the morning and wanted to be back for lunch,
also their mount of energy was quite limited, only allowing them to walk a few hours.

Luckily my wife Matilda was famous for her smile honey breads. The whole village loved the flavour of the whole wheat loafs coated with a thick greasy layer of lard covered with the sweat heavenly tasty smile flower honey of the bees from our backyard.

I beg you to excuse me for a while at this moment, since I... ...have some urgent business to attend.

Back to business, everybody in the village loved the kind hearted aunt Matilda and her smile honey bread,
and so it occured to me that we could utilize that to send dwarves on longer searches, as long as we provided them with enough smile honey breads.

As most of the adult dwarves in the village where of similar strong stature,
it would be possible to measure the length of the paths they were able to walk on a search in terms of smile honey breads.

	Note to myself: 
		For the time being we will neglect the mass of the bread to carry 
		and assume per additional loaf of bread a dwarf can walk an additional path
		of the same length as if he had only one bread.