You can actually have fun with math

Math is by many people experienced as dry and boring, which is, as I see it mostly because of the way it is taught, mathematicians tend to talk about the beauty of math in itself, while for people like you and me finding beauty in some weird formulas, would not be the first that comes to mind. This page is ment to teach math and it's application in technology that everybody uses in ones daily life. In the practical experiments I will try to take the fear away, that many people might share with me, to start building technology because it is all too complicated, too much can go wrong, and you maybe even hurt yourself badly. I will try to show you what is possible without any prerequesite knowledge and dive into it up to an advanced level, if you stay with me. Math can be experienced as a powerful toolbox to realize technological projects, but if not connected to real world applications one gets lost pretty quick.
You can learn maths while following the story of the nice dwarves, starting here:

The legend of the nice dwarves

If you want to learn maths from the basics up to advanced levels, this might be the guide for you.
We utilize mnemonics embedding the learning matter in a small story with pictorial examples.

Eat right and become a nice dwarf

An easy system to put together a plan to eat healthy and also what makes you smile.

You are not left alone

If you have questions while reading a text, you will be hopefully not left alone with them. The crew will probably help you. Whenever there are new terms coming up in a text, you will find at the side the images of the people that might be able to help you out.

The Smith

The smith is a practical guy, whenever there is a need to develop and construct new hardware, he will do the job. He will be most likely be the guy that shows applications of formulas in practice.

The Psychologist

The Psychologist provides the right attitude, no matter if his patients are living creatures or machines, he is responsible for the proper programming

The Teacher

Whenever the practitioners lack the theoretical basics, the teacher will shine to provide his knowledge.

The Professor

The professor might be a little quirky and absent-minded, but when the knowledge of the teacher reaches its limits, he might provide a little hint here and there.