Tales of the Smile

It is told, that in the ancient era at the dawn of time the keeper of the forest shared the secret of the smile with a small tribe of dwarves.

They were filled with unfathomable joy and lived in harmony and happiness with the spirits of the forest and the keeper in their little village deep in the woods and were ever after known as the nice dwarves.

During the day the keeper of the forest dwelled under the earths surface of a small glade near a group of smile flowers well concealed from the eyes of men beyond the whispers of the wind.
While sleeping inside the earth he would gather energy using photosynthesis by means of his tail, which was shaped like a small fir tree. Only initiates would recognize him by the purple trunk.

The nice dwarves visited often and they shared quite some jolly good times together. But one day, when they came upon the glade, the keeper was gone, only a note remained that said

	"Going on vaccation, back soon"

But he didn't come back for quite a long time, so the nice dwarves started to search for him.

They did search over and over again and again, but with no success. However the dwarven elder had to admit, that it might have been due to their search strategy.

The dwarves all agreed that simply sending one of them in a random direction might not be the brightest of ideas. So the dwarven elder started a journal, where he documented every search conducted by the dwarves.

Journal of the Dwarven Elder